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"I have tendonitis?" Was my reply when my physician told me that is why my right forearm hurt so much that I couldn't even pick up my hair spray bottle or shake hands. I was told it would take months of stretching to get the pain to go away. A few weeks later I went to get a massage from Chad. He is a man with many talents. I thought I would be going to get the knots worked out of my back. Little did I know that he would work on my arm after I told him about my prognosis. Two days later, I had no pain in my arm. I didn't even realize it until I started to lift something and realized I was lifting it "normally" and didn't feel the stinging sensation.
Another few weeks went by and life got hectic, as it always does and I failed to make another appointment with Chad. It was a bright Wednesday when I happened upon a "friend" that I had not seen in over a year. I had trusted this person greatly and they had betrayed me more than once. I'm an eternal optimist and found that I couldn't walk away from this "friendship". Finally, the friendship ended with me hanging up the phone on them. They called, I didn't answer and now over a year later, there they were. I had thought of them every day. I needed closure. We talked for over an hour--like nothing had ever happened. I left, not having closure but really more questions.
Two days later, I started having a sharp pain in my abdomen. By Monday I headed to the doctor. Hernia? No. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong. I was scheduled for an ultrasound to check out my gallbladder. $200 later and after hours of worry, I was told that everything looked normal. They wanted to run more tests. I had a better idea, I called Chad. I didn't know what to expect but he told me that the gallbladder and liver is where we store anger. He guided me to releasing that pain (and pain from other things that I have been carrying for a long time).
I know it can sound crazy that the gall bladder pain is gone and my arm doesn't hurt because Chad helped me to release things that I have been carrying for years and he helped me to open up energy pathways in my body but then, it does make sense. Our body is all about energy and those synapsis' in the brain firing away and every cell producing and communicating. God made a very complex creature when He made us. But, this body doesn't come with an instruction manual on how to deal with our overly complicated lives. Thank goodness God has instructed Chad and lead him to learn about how to help us and educate us.
From now on, before I go see the doctor, I'm going to see Chad. I have another appointment already scheduled as I have other areas that I know need help. I'm hoping someday he will tell me he knows how to deal with cellulite! :-)
Kelli (Snyder) Pelak
Springfield, MO

Chad is one of the best massage therapists I've ever been too.   He is an incredibly intuitive therapist.  He customizes your session every time you go.  I have been seeing him for weeks and have healed pain I have endured for years. There is no need to suffer!   I  feel such gratitude at such a professional and caring therapist who also really knows his craft.   Book an appointment today.  You will not be sorry!


--Misty, Republic, MO


Wow. Thank you Chad Schaaf for the amazing healing you facilitated for me within just our first session! 
To anyone on my page who has tried or wants to try to Heal themselves at the core of symptoms, I highly recommend connecting with this healer and massage therapist. I left unaware several hours had passed, yet feel like I just woke up freshly rejuvenated. This type of healing allowed release of layers after layer of several emotions I typically repress, and that have been causing me physical pains/sickness. Once released, we were able to replace those feelings with the energy of self-love, acceptance, Oneness, and overall Heart connection. 
I've been around a lot of people, and experienced all sorts of Holistic healing remedies, and typically I pride myself on knowing a lot of ways to help, but no therapy I've tried thus far has helped in this deep of a way.

It was one of the most simple things I've seen, and it worked deeply.

Only a week later, and my life has felt so much brighter, lighter, and some of the most amazing opportunities and doorways were open. Wonderful things seem to have come from accessing parts and releasing the energy we did!

Thanks again for the love of fellow beings;helping progress a raised energy and consciousness for those seeking this kind of peace in their lives! 
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