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Group Healing Sessions

Group healing is designed to help you create a new life of balance in spirit, mind, and body.

 In this group each person sests their own intentions of what life or physical situations they need help to resolve at the level of Divine consciousness. 

 All you have to do is lay on the floor on your yoga mat or blanket, set your intentions, focus into the body, and surrender to the Divine.  

I create a sacred space of Grace.  In this space, your body comes into an ultra high level of communiction with your spirit, which is in communication with the Divine.   As you learn to feel and surrender at a deeper evel, you allow or profound changes to occur at your conscious level.   This is were your life and physical problems are resolved and healed. 

Most of life problems are emotions and false beliefs about yourself that are locked into the cellular memory of the body.  These emotions keep a person distracted and discouraged because their focus is on the past, rather than the joy of living in the present moment. As your emotions and flase beliefs  are released, life begins to offer new opportunities that will enhance all areas of life. 

As you become very clear and healed at conscious level, your own hidden gifts will begin to appear.  Leanring to utilize and develope these gifts is a major factor in the qualityof your life.

 I hope to meet you at the group soon. 


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