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Permanent Emotional Healing, Karmic Clearing

Your heart has the power to create and fulfill your desires, dreams, wishes and wants.

So why does it work so well for other people and not you?

Your body is all energy and so are your emotions. When emotions are trapped in and around the heart it creates an energetic barrier around the heart. This barrier blocks your hearts highest potential to create the life you are seeking.

I have been gifted with a way to energetically connect with you and help you release the emotions creating your heart barrier. Emotions can also become trapped in other parts of your body causing unexplained pain or illness.  Every client has had a life empowering experience in emotion release sessions.

Some clients have found that they have brought negative emotions into this life from the spirit world.  Others have experienced immediate pain relief and or healing when releasing a trapped emotion from a specific area of the body. Everyone has experienced emotions in their body that were handed down through multiple generations from both their fathers and mothers entire genealogy. Several clients experienced negative emotions in the body that were locked in while their mother carried them through pregnancy. Then there are all the emotions from the moment you were born until now.   To experience your life fully today you must release negative emotions from the past.

When an illness runs in a family, it is not the illness that is handed down but the negative emotion.  This creates a pocket of low vibration in the body and allows the illness to enter that part of the body. It is up to you to break that cycle so it is not handed down again.

Where is your joy and abundance?  If you have not fully released the energy tied to negative emotions, they may be causing you problems with health, relationships, prosperity, joy and abundance. Your heart is the transmitter to the mind of God. Have you read every book and tried everything for more joy and abundance?  It all makes sense and feels good as part of your life, but just hasn't worked. A heart barrier built of negative emotions may be blocking your heart signal. Clear the barrier and let your heart create for you!

This is not talk therapy. You do not have to tell me anything about the circumstances causing the trapped emotion.  All you have to do is be willing to fully feel the emotions as they surface and declare them to open the door to fully release. Then we will replace them with something better.    


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