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 "Chad and I have been working together for several years. I had my first session, using this new technique he's discovered, and found myself soaring through a distant past, releasing ancient wounds that were, unbeknownst to me, affecting my present! It's remarkable, fascinating and very powerful! It has allowed me to discard some old patterns of behavior that no longer were serving me well. It allows me to view this life's experiences with a fresh eye of understanding! It's a technique that everyone can benefit from. I am eager to continue the process in future sessions! Thank you, Chad!" Emmale Judycki, RN, BSN, CQTPI, Director of Services for Energy in Motion.

Thank you for helping me get my life back. 
I went to see Chad for help with my nightmares, I have suffered all my 45 years with them.  I was also heartbroken due to a break up with my boyfriend the week prior.  I arrived with an open mind.  Chad talked about energy, and how it impacted people's life.  He explained the process of slowly regressing through the years of my life.  He said to feel any and all physical pain and the emotion that was attached to it.  The pain hit hard and fast.  The images that my mind brought forth were unbelievable. 
Chad noticed trauma that occurred during whatever age we were focused on at the time.  He said age 40 was a bad time.  At that time in my life I was divorcing a man who had just had a baby with another woman. He said he felt something at age 35.  That was the year I had a mental breakdown.  I had to go on disability.  I had to walk away from a career that I loved and was good at. Not to mention the major financial loss. I made around 160,000 a year.  Yep, it was a bad year. 
I was really surprised that the worst pain, i felt happened when I was 27.  Chad said that that was the year I closed my heart.  I stopped feeling then.  I told Chad wow I didn't realize just how painful my first marriage was.  I was in a loveless marriage with a hyper-critical man.  I didn't believe in divorce, so I was stuck.
The younger we went, the more  I started to feel this strong sense of being unlovable. I actually saw myself in my mothers womb.  I felt that she didn't want me.  My father was a serial adulterer.  By the time she was pregnant with me, she had discovered his infidelities.  She was miserable while she carried me, but I can proudly say that I have a remarkable and loving mother. 
The different images of life's events that popped into my head were things that I hadn't thought about in years.  When I speak about the physical pain, it's hard to explain.  It ranged from stomach clenching to completely bent over and sobbing.  Each situation or year of my life seemed to have a different type of pain.  All throughout this ordeal, Chad is telling my to feel the pain let it out and label the emotion that I'm  feeling. One of the images I saw in my mind was a bunch of roaches running out of a hole as fast as they could. At the same time, I was physically bent over and feeling as if I was throwing up. It was like poison was being forcefully removed from me.
The last 15 minutes of the session, were spent focusing on refilling me with positive energy. Visualizing and speaking positive affirmations and emotions such as: love,strength,hope, not alone, Gods- all the good and positive stuff    By the end of the session, I was worn out.
I noticed a difference in me that evening.  I felt good.  I felt lighter.  The best example that I can give you is:  That afternoon, I sat down with my sisters bible study group.  I knew these sweet and amazing women already, but for the first time I felt like I belonged. I didn't feel dirty or unworthy.  It was like the poison in me was gone.  It's been three weeks and I have had only 2 bad dreams.  I feel like I have a new lease on life. 
My faith is in God and his son Jesus.  I am not saying that Chad healed me, but I truly believe he is being used by God to help heal people.  I had two more energy sessions with Chad that week, and both were painful, but productive. 
It's been three week now. My life has changed in many ways. I'm more confident.  I'm more positive.  I'm happier, I'm more motivated, I have more physical energy, I can feel again, I have hope, I am no longer interested in drama.   
Lisa from O'FallonIl

I had spent the last 10 years searching for a massage therapist. I had gone to over 20 therapists during my search and just could not find the right fit. Finally, my sister gave me a gift certificate to Healthy Pleasures. She said it was the best massage she had ever received. I have been going to Chad now for 2 years. The massages are wonderful, and he introduced me to something else I had never experienced. I am a very open minded person, so when Chad suggested we do some healing work simply by exchanging energy, I was excited to try it. The experience I had was incomparable to anything I had ever felt. He focused on certain parts of my body that were holding a lot of negative energy from my past and I literally felt the pain melting away. When it was finished I had a feeling of euphoria. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my husband about it. For the next several weeks I was more at peace than I had been in years. I even noticed a change in my daughter, as if she could sense a peace in me that had transferred to her. I highly recommend this service!

Cara Price


To whom it may concern,

My experience with the energy sessions with Chad have been nothing less than life changing for me!  I had a twenty year old injury to my shoulder that I had just accepted as lifelong issue that I would have to learn to deal with.  After a few sessions with Chad I learned how to emotionally clear hurts in my past that had been stored in my body, my shoulder was not just improved but healed!  I have 100% range of motion and the strength that I had before the injury.  I am so grateful for the healing that I have found working with Chad and would recommend his sessions to anyone who would like to restore balance and wholeness to their life.
Lou Ann Higgins

 Chad is awesome.  I had a fibrocystic breat condition for as long as i can remember. This sometimes painful condition is completely gone, not a trace is left. I will continue to see Chad on a regular basis.  I have never felt so good.

 Ellen E

Amazing ! I don't know how it works, but it really does. I have had neck and shoulder pain for years and Chad was able to unlock traspped emotions that i had somehow held in that area of my body and relieve my neck and shoulder pain. I can not explain it, but i felt it work. i would highly recommend Chad, he is very knowledgable and skilled !

Alison Stone


I have always been in tune with my emotions, but I never thought they could lock themselves away in my body and cause me pain. Having been born with an abdominal birth defect, I have experienced several issues over the past two years which have put me in the hospital twice. My friend, Chad Schaaf, decided to try some emotional energy healing during my most recent hospital visit, and what he found has led me back to him for more sessions. Digging deep into my past where emotions have locked themselves from as early as pre-birth, emotions my mother locked away while pregnant, to very recent events, Chad has helped me unlock these emotions, release them, and replace them with positive energy. The difference these sessions have made for me is incredible. My body feels better, my head feels clearer, and I have confidence that continued sessions will only improve my condition. Chad is an amazing healer, and anyone who isn't happy with their situation can benefit from his methods. All you need is a desire to get better and an open mind to heal, and you can't fail.

 Tarryn Gritzner

 Chad is one of the best massage therapists I've ever been too. He is an incredibly intuitive therapist. He customizes your session every time you go. I have been seeing him for weeks and have healed pain I have endured for years. There is no need to suffer! I feel such gratitude at such a professional and caring therapist who also really knows his craft. Book an appointment today. You will not be sorry!

--Misty, Republic, MO


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